Want Your Ex Back?

Right now, you miss your ex and desperate want to know how to possibly make them want you back again. The thing is, do you feel as if you're the same person as you were when you first met your ex? Perhaps on the surfaces you feel the same but do you think perhaps you have changed at least a little now? Enough to make your ex leave you?

Just broke up?

A great way to determine how to make your ex want you back is to examine what you were like when you first met. Most properly you certainly 'didn't' act the same when your ex broke up with you than when you first started going out.

Let's look at what most people do when they've just been dumped...
1). Their attitude instantly 'change' and almost in a panic they attempt to try to mend the relationship and get their ex back. When that fails, they resort to begging and other less attractive means of getting their ex to come back.
2). Using threats to try to get their ex back is another thing that happens much too often. Threatening to committ suicide to do anything else equally stupid in some hopes of getting attention will first make your ex think you're a freak and second even IF they come back to you, this will not be temporary and it will only make your ex resent you in the long run.

These behaviours clearly scream out you're crazy and not exactly thinking straight. Your ex won't want to come back to a crazy person and compared with the kind of person your ex fell in love with, do you think it would make sense for them to come back this way?

Forunately this doesn't have to be the case. You have the choice to act like a lunatic or actually calm down for a minute and look at teh situation objectively. Breaking up is an emotional period because you've just been slammed the biggest and most hurtful rejection known to man, the rejection of love. Everyone will have experienced this at least one time in their life, but it's how you 'choose' to display your reaction to your ex that will determine what sort of influence you will have on them in the future.

And you need to show yourself in a positive light if you want any hopes of your ex coming back to you... ever.

The best thing you can do right now is to put some will needed space between you and your ex. Your aim should be to work on restoring or renewing yourself to being the person your ex fell in love with. There are proven methods that will 'hand-hold' you through the entire process of first NOT appearing desperate and second, placing yourself in the right mindset to have the right influence to make your ex want you back again.

How to Get Your Ex Back? Don't wait, start now!